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Our Process

Whether you are an indivdual or company, our 4 step process will get you working smarter, healthier and more efficiently. 

Step 1: Pre-Screening


Understanding Your Space: In order to best assist you we need to know about your space. Having photos ahead of your session allows your specialist time to plan to ensure no time is wasted.


Every ErgoSesh is unique because every person is unique. We all come with a different past and many come to their desk with old injuries or new aches and pains. We want to know about them so we can give you appropriate ergonomic solutions and education to minimize or resolve them!


We understand that your time is valuable.  That’s why we made the questionnaire as simple as possible for you to answer, while giving us valuable informaiton.

Step 2: Assess. Adjust. Educate.

Our 60 minute assessment is where we dive into optimizing your space. We take all the elements into account and make realistic evidence-based recommendations to better support the physical health in your workspace. We’ll make real-time adjustments and help you understand why these changes will help with reducing and preventing future injuries.



Step 3: Report & Solutions

We will cover a lot in your ErgoSesh. Everything from what you described in your pre-screening report to what we recommend you adjust and/or purchase will be presented in a clean and easy to reference report. Here you’ll also find some quick tips and tricks to stay healthy while you work.

Purchase through us and we will help guide you through the procurement of your ergonomic furniture and accessories.




Step 4: Your Complimentary Follow-Up

We always want to ensure that the changes we recommend are accurately put into place so we offer all clients a complimentary follow-up session to review concepts discussed and to re-adjust you to your new ergonomic set-up.

Overview of Packages

* Furniture and accessories sold separately


  • Pre-Assessment
  • Virtual Assessment
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  • Pre-Assessment
  • Personalized Report
  • Virtual Assessment
  • Follow-up Session
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Team Pricing

ErgoSesh also works with companies of all sizes. Our virtual service can be adapted to help all your employees whether remote or in-office.

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