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Here are some of questions that get asked often.

What is ergonomics?

Ergonomics is “the applied science concerned with designing and arranging things people use so that the people and things interact most efficiently and safely” – Merriam-Webster

Why is ergonomics important?

Many common injuries are created and/or exacerbated from the physical demands of our jobs and tasks. Many of these injuries can be reduced, possibly avoided entirely by learning how to set up our work environment in a more healthy way.

What makes ErgoSesh different from a traditional ergonomic assessment?

In a traditional ergonomic assessment the ergonomist will come to your desk, adjust  your workspace for you and often teach you how to make the adjustments yourself to reproduce the change later. Little to no emphasis is placed on education and understanding of why these changes are important for you. Often things revert back to their previous state within a matter of hours or minutes. We believe long lasting change only happens when the client is actively engaged in the process. Our goal is to make you an ergonomic expert in your space. In an ErgoSesh, you’re the one making the adjustments, we are educating you why and helping you connect dots between symptoms and injuries and the ergonomic risk factors found in your workspace.  

Do you only do home offices or also traditional office consultations?

Yes we do it all, wherever you work we want to help you work smarter, healthier and more efficiently.

Why is my posture so bad?

Many people pay little attention to their furniture setup when sitting down to get to work. Why is it when we get in a car we immediately adjust the seat, wheel and mirrors even for a short drive but we don’t apply that same logic to the seat and desk we sit at for 40+ hours a week. Your posture is extremely dependent on how your body is supported and so if you’re not sitting supported then you’re set up to fail and ultimately fall out of your “good posture”. Focus less on “sitting perfectly upright” and focus more on setting up your environment to help you not hurt you.

What is included in my ErgoSesh fee?

All clients booking an ErgoSesh will get a highly customized virtual evaluation of their workspace, detailed report with information and help with any products you may benefit from, as well as a follow up session once your items arrive and are unboxed. It is important to us to see you through the entire process and make sure your fully set up and your new items are adjusted to your specifications.

Why do you recommend the products you do?

We have vetted many products over the years. There’s an endless supply of cheaply made ergonomic equipment on the market today. We cannot recommend something we wouldn’t use ourselves and couldn’t stand behind. We will always provide detailed descriptions of what you should look for in a product that we think you’ll benefit from. We’ll link you to some products we stand behind because we know they are of the highest quality.