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The ErgoSesh St

After years working as a physical therapist, treating musculoskeletal injuries, Brett realized that in order to make the ultimate impact in people’s lives, he needed to bring the best parts of physical therapy out of the clinic and into the homes and offices of his clients. He became a certified ergonomic specialist and spent 5 years performing traditional workplace ergonomic assessments. With a growing remote workforce he realized traditional ergonomics programs were missing a key component…the person. He realized in order to make true lasting change, he needed to change habits, spark interest and guide people as they connect the dots between pain & injury and the risk factors of their space. Only then does the ergonomic furniture and training hold value.

Having worked many years leading teams in a corporate environment and been heavily involved in occupational health and safety, Kyle was determined to find a proactive solution to reducing the rates of lost time and repetitive strain injuries. After connecting with Brett, it did not take long to notice that the field of ergonomics hadn’t changed with the times. 

As a result, the company, ErgoSesh was formed. ErgoSesh is a collection of healthcare professionals focused on improving wellness through education and empowerment. This is achieved through our lifestyle services and offerings.